All You Need To Know about Hay Baling

13 Mar

The most commonly used food for animals such as cows, goats, sheep, and horses is hay. Hay has been used for feeding farm animals for many decades. The reference name of grass that has been cut, dried and stored for feeding animals is hay. Large farm owners usually rely on hay to feed their livestock. Hay is usually fed to animals during times when there is no pasture for animals to graze on. Nowadays many companies are specializing in the sale of hay. Hay is usually put in bales to make it easy for selling. You should read this article to know more about hair bailing.

Hay bales are of different types. One of the types of hay bales is square hay bales. The easiness of storying square hay bales makes it the most preferred type. It is possible to stack square hay bales on top and next to each other because they have a square shape. To use the hay bales in the future you should store them in a dry place. Make sure to view here now!

There is also the round type of hay bales. The preference of most large farms is round bales. The sizes of round bales that hay bailing companies make may weigh up to half a tonne. The reason large farm owners prefer round hay bales is that they are best suited for feeding lots of animals. Farmers usually face challenges when storing round hays. A lot of waste is developed when you poorly store the round hay bales. Hay may end up getting ruined if not properly stored to protect them from bad weather. Therefore, you must have huge storage facilities and machines that can handle the hay due to the huge weight if you are a farmer who prefers round hays. Check out this product now!

 Also, there is the cubed type of hay bales. Small farms are the one best suited to use cubed hay bales. Cubed hay bales are usually easy to handle and store because they do not have a lot of weight. There is little waste developed by cubed hay bales. However, hay bailing companies usually incur a lot of cost making cubed hay bales because they are the most preferred type of hay by farmers. When buying hay you must ensure that the bale is dry to prevent feeding your animals with hay that has molded. Lack of the required types of equipment for hay baling or the resources to do so, forces many farmers to choose buying hay from the suppliers. Being mindful of the moisture levels when hay bailing is important. If you have a field that you use for hay bailing, you should ensure that you have the necessary type of equipment for performing the task. You should properly maintain and regularly check the hay bailing equipment. Gather more facts about hay bale at

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